Laptop Screen Repair

screen-repairYou may have dropped it, hit it or maybe it just happened! But now it needs to be fixed! Thats where we come in. We replace almost every make and model of laptop screen you can think of.

Sometime the screen stops working and it doesn’t require a replacement, sometime the cable is damaged or loose. In these cases repairs can be as cheap as £30.00.

The average price for laptop screen replacement (when it is cracked or visibly damaged) is aprox £85.00 including parts and labour. We come out to your home or office at a time to suit you, or feel free to drop it off, we can even collect and drop it back to you! We want to be as flexible and offer the best service we can to all of our customers!

Prices from as low as £80 and all repairs agreed before hand! We will also chuck in a half price service with every screen repair! (Ask for details!)

We will offer a free collection and drop off service within 8 miles of Aldershot. If you are outside this area we can still repair your laptop just ask for details!

Models we can repair and replace include:

Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, IBM, MSI, Alienware, Toshiba and many more! If you don’t have one of these brands we can still help you! Please give us a call today!

Tel:- 01252 763790


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The Process.

At Super PC Repair we take the utmost care when handling your laptop to ensure it is kept in top condition!

To replace the LCD panel in a laptop screen is actually easier than you might expect.
To start we remove the power from the DC Jack & disconnect the battery.

This is for saftey for the laptop and for us!

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