Online Backup

Why backup online? Most of our customers use their desktop or laptop to send emails, store documents such a childrens coursework and homework, holiday photos and other important information. But what do you do when your computer stops working and your whole life is in the balance?

Here at Super PC Repair we believe in a pro-active approach to computing and if you backup with us you will know that all your important information will be 100% secured but easy to retrieve when things go wrong. Our backup system will backup all your files everyday without you having to push a button! It is 100% automated.

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Why Choose US?

  • We offer some of the best packages for home users giving them the space they need, not charging them for space they will never use!
  • All of your files are encrypted on our servers so nobody but you can access them.
  • All your files can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world on any device. So your never far away from that forgotten document.
  • You can also sync multiple computers, perfect if you have more than one device or a office!


Please select from one of the following plans:

£8 per month – Value Plan – 35gb allowance
£12 per month – Home Plan – 75gb allowance
£16 per month – Premium Plan – 150gb allowance
£20 per month – Ultimate Plan – 300gb allowance